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Tips Before Buying a Log Home

Posted by Michigan Lifestyle Properties on April 20, 2022

Buying a Log Home in Michigan – A Beginners Guide

Now that you’ve decided you’re interested in purchasing a log home, where do you start? We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you pick the best log home for your needs. If you have questions about log homes, give us a call today – (269) 629-4968

First things first, not all log homes are created equal. Knowing the basics to a sound log home is crucial. If you’re not familiar, we suggest hiring a specialized inspector. Not all home inspectors are equipped with the knowledge of log homes. Finding the best inspector is key. We know specialized inspectors in Michigan that can help you!

Upon your first view of the home, look for these signs:

  1. Rotting logs
  2. Natural wear and tear
  3. Leaks

These are signs that the log home your viewing may need more work. At this time, it’s important to call your inspector in for a throughough walkthrough.

An inspector will check signs of rot, insects, poor home maintenance, and others factors such as the stain on the home.

Secondly, verify that your real estate agent of choice has knowledge with log homes. These agents will ask the correct questions to ensure your money is well spent.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a log home, one of our specialized log home agents can help! Visit us at or call us at (269) 629-4968

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