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Selling Country Homes in Michigan

If you have a property to sell, we’re ready to help.  Tell us a little bit about it, like property type, location, and anything else you’d like to share, as well as the best way to reach you.   We look forward to hearing from you!

Selling country property is different than selling traditional residential real estate. There’s no question that it takes a different marketing strategy, but even before that, it takes an ability to see the task differently. You see, traditional real estate brokers approach the task the way they’ve always approached it, that is, to put a sign at the property and list it in the MLS.

Oh sure, they’ll also put the property on their own website, and general websites like Zillow, Trulia,, and others, but all of this presupposes that the target audience for the property knows where to look for it. In other words, the traditional real estate world is driven by geography.

Have you ever noticed that the first field you have to enter on 99% of real estate websites is for the city, town or zip code? Well, guess what? A large percentage of buyers country homes and small farms don’t know the city, town, or zip code! What they do know is what they’re looking for. In fact, they can typically describe it in great detail. They’ve imagined it. They’ve felt it. They can see it in their mind’s eye. And they know how far they’re willing to drive (or fly) to get to it.

So, this means that the first step for sellers of Michigan country homes, rural real estate, and other country properties is to find a real estate agent like those at Michigan Lifestyle Properties, because we look at the marketing of non-traditional real estate differently. We advertise real estate by property type.

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10 Reasons to Hire Michigan Lifestyle Properties to Sell Your Property

  1. We Have a Unique Website Dedicated to Selling Michigan Country Homes. It’s This Site. And Buyers Will Find it Just Like You Did.
    Everyone knows that the vast majority of country property buyers begin their search online, and these buyers are using search terms that relate to the type of property they’re seeking, so you want a broker with a specialized website that will attract those buyers to your property.

    • In addition, at, buyers can choose from 12 different property type websites, each of which attracts buyers looking for a specific real estate ‘lifestyle’.
  2. We’re Affiliated with a National Lifestyle Real Estate Company.
    Michigan Lifestyle Properties is an affiliate of ’America’s Lifestyle Real Estate Company’, United Country Real Estate, which is over 90 years old and based in Kansas City.

    • is the only national real estate website on which visitors can search real estate by property type, and its websites attract 3 million+ unique visitors per month.
    • United Country features over 25 separate Lifestyle Real Estate Websites, including sites dedicated to country property and farms. When we represent your property for sale, it will appear on the sites where buyers are most likely to be looking.
  3. We Have a Database of Buyers Looking for Your Type of Property.
    • Thousands of visitors to the Michigan Lifestyle Properties websites have provided their contact information and asked us to keep them informed of new properties that come available that may be of interest to them.
    • We also have access to United Country’s database of 600,000 prospective national and international buyers, who have opted onto that list, and asked to be informed of properties that fit their criteria.
  4. We Advertise on Targeted Third-Party Websites.
    We know that buyers of country property also search on websites like LandsofAmerica, LandWatch, LandandFarm, and others, so we promote all of our property listings on those sites as well.
  5. We Have Our Own National and Local Catalogs that Feature Country Home Listings.
    Sure, most people search online, but there are still buyers who like to look at print publications.

    • Michigan Lifestyle Properties publishes a catalog that features properties by type, and is widely distributed in both hard copy and digital versions.
    • United Country’s exclusive national catalogs are published several times each year, and attract buyers searching for a wide range of properties, many of whom opt in to United Country’s proprietary buyer database.
  6. We Have a Referral Relationship with United Real Estate – Chicago.
    We know that many buyers of country homes in Michigan will come from the Chicago and northern Indiana areas, so we promote our listings to the 200+ United Real Estate Agents who serve buyers and sellers in the greater Chicagoland area.
  7. We Actively Employ Internet and Social Media Advertising. At Michigan Lifestyle Properties, we regularly do Google AdWord and Facebook ad campaigns for specific properties that we represent for sale. This type of advertising allows us to target our advertising to the specific audiences most likely to be interested in the properties our clients are selling.
  8. We Promote Properties with High Quality Custom Websites and Collateral.
    For the properties we represent for sale, we use some combination of the following:

    • Professional Photography
    • Aerial Video & Photography
    • Custom Property Websites
    • Property Flyers & Brochures
  9. We Have Access to a Full Service, In-House Real Estate Advertising Agency & Public Relations Service.
    Through our affiliation with United Country Real Estate, the agents of Michigan Lifestyle Properties are able to access additional custom marketing support, to produce a wide variety of deliverables, including enhanced property websites, TV commercials, direct mail campaigns, press releases, and more.
  10. We Have Access to United Country Auction Services. Occasionally, the circumstances of a property require a non-traditional sales method. When the auction method makes sense, Michigan Lifestyle Properties agents can call on the auctioneers at United Country Auctions Services, who sell over $3 billion in gross transaction volume annually, serving one client at a time.

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