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Selling Factors of Log Homes

Posted by Michigan Lifestyle Properties on February 24, 2022


So, you’re ready to sell your log home! Here are some of the biggest selling factors buyers are looking for in their next log home purchase.

Your log home is valuable, in more ways than one! Log homes are unique due to their appearance, sustainability, and high market value. More often, you’ll find log homes on large pieces of land, secluded in the rural part of the country. We’ve listed what buyers look for when they’re buying a log home and how you can prepare your log home for the market.

  1. Location, Location, Location! Buyers love the “off-grid” feeling that log homes give. A secluded, cozy location, surrounded by nature catches the eye. Buyers are looking for their home oasis. While you can’t change the location of your home, sprucing up the landscaping and cleaning the overall exterior of your log home will attract buyers.
  2. Rustic, Natural Tones. While modern décor, finishes, and appliances are all the rage in traditional residential homes, many log home buyers are looking for a more “natural feel.” This means, warm neutral colors, cozy furniture pieces, and an overall rustic effect. Adding cozy rugs, leather furniture, and rustic paintings will help make your log home feel more traditional.
  3. They’re a Great Investment! You already know this, but log homes are a great investment! Unless greatly neglected, they tend to gain value over time. What better investment for a buyer than one guaranteed to increase in value?

Making sure your home is spotless, decluttered, and organized is a sure way to attract more buyers. Making any necessary repairs by certified specialists will increase the value. Quick tip: if you get your home repaired, save the invoice! Many times buyers like to view the invoice to ensure the repairs were done correctly and by a licensed technician.

As log home experts, we’re here to help you with any buying and selling needs you may have. If you have questions about anything mentioned above, or are looking to buy or sell a log home, give us a call!

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